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1. The websites for the publishers – Slightly Foxed Ltd (www.foxedquarterly.com) – and for the bookshop – Slightly Foxed on Gloucester Road (www.foxedbooks.com) – operate independently. Therefore it’s possible that you’ve created a member account for Slightly Foxed Ltd. but not a customer account for Slightly Foxed on Gloucester Road. If you think this might be the case and you’d like to create a customer account now, please use the button below.

2. If you’re not sure which website you’d like to use, here’s a brief outline of each. For general fiction and non-fiction (both new books and second-hand) as well as literary gifts, vouchers and more please stay on this website.

For subscriptions to the quarterly magazine, Slightly Foxed, as well as SF Editions, SF Paperbacks, slipcases and other items produced by Slightly Foxed Ltd please visit www.foxedquarterly.com

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